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Univac Group India is the leading manufactuer & exporter of Hand bags, Tote bags, Ppaer bags, Plastic bags, Packing bags / Accessories.

What first crosses your mind when you think of tote bags? Is it the canvas? Or the breezy, fresh designs that captures your attention? Either way, tote bags have become the latest fad with people all around the world.

These bags are fashionable and help you carry large loads, be it heavy books or your entire make-up kit.Tote bags have evolved into one of the most imperative accessories a woman can own in her wardrobe. Worded tote bags, canvas tote bags, zipped tote bags and eco-friendly ones are probably the largest and the most popular categories of tote bags around the world, especially in India, today. Tote bags are usually characterized by the large handles, emerging from the sides of the bag and are commonly unzipped or open. If you are planning to head out to the beach party or you just need a bag, fancy enough to get others to notice, then you are probably looking for a tote bag.

Worded Tote Bags
Worded tote bags are probably the most stylish and are the latest craze as wardrobe accessories. What’s more, these bags are available for cheap! These tote bags come with special expressions, quotes or adages to enhance the overall appearance of the bag. Worded tote bags are typically medium-sized, unfastened bags and are available at our online store. So, if you are looking to buy a worded tote bag in India, now is the time. Buy the latest, stylish worded tote bag online for cheap.

Canvas Tote Bags
Canvas tote bags are common buy are extremely stylish and are available in the latest designs. You may have crossed that perfect canvas tote bag in your local mall and curbed that urge to buy it because it was too expensive. We can now assure you, that a whole range of canvas tote bags are available at our online store and for cheap prices! These bags are made of canvas and are extremely light to carry. So, come and buy the latest, stylish canvas tote bags online for cheap.

Designer Tote Bags
Designer tote bags are some of the most stylish and are usually just ogled at by many women because they are extremely expensive. Now, with our online portal, you can buy as many designer tote bags as possible and for really cheap rates. Whether you choose to pick a Burberry tote or a Coach one, these bags are the latest collection and are perfect for those important days out.  Buy the latest, stylish designer tote bags online for cheap.

Eco-Friendly Tote Bags    
Eco-friendly tote bags are the latest in the world of bags and are catching up as stylish and cheap alternatives to the regular totes or hobos.If you are looking for the perfect jute tote bag online or a recycled paper tote bag to buy, then you have come to the right place. Eco-friendly tote bags are usually medium sized and can carry medium to heavy loads. These are recyclable and make great fashionable accessories.

So, what are you waiting for? Log onto our website and buy the latest, stylish eco-friendly tote bags for cheap in India.
We export to USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South America, Europe, Africa and Asian countries. Our majority of the customers are located in Germany, UK, France, Spain, Austrailia, Brazil, Venezuela, USA, Canada, Portugal, South Africa, Italy, Jordan and Dubai.
Hand bags & Tote bags :-
Custom made Tote bags are built as per your specification duly printed with your own company logo and designs / prints. 100% heavyweight 10 oz cotton canvas tote bag carries all of your goodies in style. The graphic is printed on a white cotton canvas tote bag. Top quality with extra wide and long straps for comfort carring. They are machine washable, dry-cleanable, non-fading and non-toxic.
* Minimum order - 10,000 pieces - Price - 6.95 $ / piece