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A simple definition would be - it is a mixture of blended tobacco, wrapped in beedi leaves, cut to size, tied up with a thread, roasted in an oven to remove moisture and to give that inimitable flavour that brings indefinable joy to the smokers. Bidis are small, hand-rolled cigarettes that contain tobacco wrapped in leaves from a tendu tree, and may come in various shapes. For centuries now, the bidi, cheaply made from inferior ingredients, has been the cigarette of choice for people in India. Called “the poor man’s cigarette,” the bidi is made from the flakes and dust of tobacco leaves. Strong flavoring, such as vanilla, licorice, strawberry, cinnamon, or clove, is added to mask the quality of the tobacco. This concoction is then hand-rolled in a green or brown leaf.” The unfiltered final product is a small, slim cigarette, tied at both ends with a colorful thread.flavors.

Now bidis are arriving on the shelves of convenience stores and gas stations across the United States. Touted as new, cool, safe, and natural, the bidis are priced right for the teen budget.

<<< Soft Pack
The most popular product is the Soft Pack, which has 25 quality Beedies of superior Tobacco. These come packed in 20 units or 500 Beedies per carton

                                 Hard Pack  >>>
Each Hard Pack has 20 superior Export-Quality Beedies. These come packed in 10 units or 200 Beedies per carton.
Plastic Pack
The Plastic Packs have a special Holographic band with the '30 Beedi' logo imprinted on it. These are also packed in units of 500 Beedies per carton.
A quality control check is put through at stages. The beedies are then roasted in charcoal fire in a specially designed Roasting Chamber to obtain that inimitable flavor. 25 Beedies, tied with a thread are wrapped inside a label, to make a pack. 20 packs, in a separate colour wrapper denoting the brand name make a bundle. 10 bundles tied with a jute thread, make a unit of 5000 beedies. 10 such units, amounting to 50,000 beedies and put in a Jute bag, sealed and stenciled are now ready for dispatch on its onward journey to the market.

Univac Tubecrafts Private Limited, exports the beedies on its own as well as through authorized exporters. Direct exports of the company is handled by its export division headed by Mr.Ashok Srivastav, director, an able and experienced executive of the company.
Univac Tubecrafts Pvt. Ltd.
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Wholesale Prices of Herbal Bidi : -
Carton - 1050 $ (USD)

Standard packing - Carton pack

* Packet - contains 10 bidis
* Box - contains 10 packets
* Carton - contains 1000 packets

Tobacco Beedi  : -
Standard pack - wooven sack / carton
1 Wooven sack = 2 cartons
* Each carton contains 60 paper packs; 
* each paper pack contains - 20 - 25 beedis

Wholesale price 1 wooven sack = 341.95 $
  100% Tobacco & Nicotine free