The leading distributor of Al-Fakher Shisha Tobacco in India. AlFakher Molasses Tobacco is a premium brand of flavored tobacco manufactured in United Arab Emirates. We are an authorized distributor of Al-Fakher flavors. We import, wholesale & export 100% genuine Al-Fakher Flavors to UK, Australia, USA, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy and Russia.

We export Alfakher hookah flavors to all across the world. We are also the manufacturer of Bliss shsisha flavors, Oscar glass shisha, Coconut shell hookah Charcoal and various hookah Accessories. Bliss Hookah Tobacco & Bliss Herbal shisha flavors have tasted great success all across the world since its launching in January'2017 due its ultimate taste and flavours that last more than an hour. Bliss Mint, Double Apple, Hoenymoon, Fresh Blue Mist, Brain Freezer, Peach Mint, Pina-Colada, Mojito, Summer blast, Tornado, Tarzen, Volcano, Paan Raas etc are the special taste specially developed for hookah lovers.

AL-Fakher Flavors :-

50 Gram packs
29.95 US $ per kg
14.95 $ per brick 
1 brick = 10 x 50 gram

250 gram packs
8.95 US $ per pack

1 Kilogram pack
27.95 US $ per kg

Golden Alfakher - 50 gm packs - 34.95 $ / kg

250 gram packs - 14.95 $ per pack
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Jumbo Mouth Tips
         1.95 $ / 50 pieces
         size - 9.2 cm long
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Alfakher Herbal (Non Tobacco) Flavors
        200 gm pack - 6.95 $
Introducing  - OSCAR
Special edition introduced by Alfakher shisha flavors
Bliss Hookah Tobacco & Bliss Herbal Flavours        Oscar Glass Hookah                          Silicone hoses
coconut charcoal
Special edition Alfakher shisha flavors
the ultimate taste of shisha