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    Available 114 exotic Bliss Hookah Tobacco Flavors...

Bliss The ultimate hookah smoking pleasure. Bliss is a completely new concept of hookah tobacco. Bliss Tobacco Fruit Mix are handcrafted to absolute perfection. Bliss hookah tobacco is infused with the most meticulously picked natural and artificial made flavors bringing the most enjoyable shisha tobacco. Bliss tobacco is a premium blend made from only Golden Virginia tobacco leaves, embodied with food grade vegetable glycerin and top quality honey.

Bliss Tobacco Fruit Mix is a mysterious blend of tropical fruits mixed; almost like a Hawaiian cocktail. The mystery of the flavor is one thing that will keep you coming back for more discovery. All the Hookah Tobacco flavour are our special flavour mixes that guarantee a natural and authentic taste experience, due to the unique, natural fruit concentrates we use. Our special recipe allows you to mix your own fresh shisha tobacco at your leisure. Whether you want to have it bold or mellow, moist or dry, mixed or solely – it’s all up to you. Some believe that dyes and perservatives are harmful, so we don’t use them for our products.. 

Launching new Bliss flavor mixes 2017 : - 

Super strong Mint : It is the best Mint flavour ever tasted. Strong enough too. 

Brain Freezer - Better than any other Brain Freezer flavor you ever had smoked. 

Volcano - The mind blowing taste of hookah flavors in combination with Bliss exotic flavors that is going to mismerize you. 

Tarzan – The exotic shisha flavor is a mystry of mixes combine with super strong mint, shake, and serve under a hot coal twist!

Blueberry Mojito - Delicious Blueberry mixed with Mojito.

Peach Mint - A combination of peach & mint.

Summer Blast – Cool citrus fruit flavors mixed with thick clouds of tart citrus.

Tequila - True Tequiila whisky flavor that is very popular all across US market. 

Magic - Blast of magical mint on juicy citrus fruits.  

Guava Orange Mint - as the name suggests it is the combination of guava, orange and mint flavors in proportions.  

Blueberry Lemon Mint - Blening of exotic mixes of blueberry, lemon over super strong mint. 

Moksha -No flavors in the world is near to this unique flavor. The one and only flavor that blows your mind 

Honeymoon - The mind blowing taste of pan flavor in combination with Bliss exotic flavors that is going to mismerize you. 

Picnic - Exotic mixes of Citrus fruits having cool mint in base

Red Indian - A strong exotic flavor mix that hits 

Blue Curacao - An exotic cocktail flavor that no other company makes. 

Pineapple Orange Martini - Bleniing of pineapple and orange over the super strong mint. 

Banana Blueberry -A combination of sweet banana & Blueberry.

Ice Cream - Delicious Icecream flavor with mild mint.

Cinnamon Gum - Mixes of Cinnamon & Gum flavor.

Sweet & Tangy – It’s sweet and tangy, just like you’d expect from royalty. With ripe citrus flavors washing over your senses, you’ll become a jester in this queen’s court.

Pan Rasana - Declared the best Paan Rasana flavor in taste by Hookah Times Magazine, Jan'2017. You would not find any flavour better than this one. Mix it with mint or kiwi or have it alone. It is the Best.M+28. 

Fresh Blue Mist – This is the best selling flavor and the most universally loved. With a sweet, light, blueberry/cotton candy flavor, it’s a great shisha to start with, and is perfect for daily sessions.

Sweet Blast - A sweet combination of fresh juicy fruit flavors with mild mint at the base that gives icy feel. 
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